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Baguio City


The City of Baguio ; Filipino: Lungsod ng Baguio) is a highly urbanized city in northern Luzon in the Philippines. Baguio City was established by Americans in 1900 at the site of an Ibaloi village known as Kafagway. Baguio City was designated by the Philippine Commission as the Summer Capital of the Philippines on June 1, 1903 and incorporated as a city by the Philippine Assembly on September 1, 1909. Baguio is the seat of government of the Cordillera Administrative Region. The name of the city is derived from the word bagiw in Ibaloi, the indigenous language of the Benguet Region, meaning 'moss'. The city is at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters (5100 ft) in the Luzon tropical pine forests ecoregion conducive to the growth of mossy plants and orchids. Baguio City has become the center of business and commerce as well as the center of education in the entire Northern Luzon.

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  • City Camp Lagoon, crdgzmn wrote 8 days ago:
    Hot and Cold Water+ Fully Furnished + Free Wi-Fi
  • SM City Baguio, aiz (guest) wrote 13 days ago:
    I hate SM city baguio. You just cut down trees for your parking lot expansion . Such a stupid mall. remember that baguio became famous because of pine trees and its climate. Greedy people.
  • Paul & Ruth Astudillo Building, NormRealty wrote 16 days ago:
    To Please do not delete this place. We are marking this in good faith. Thanks!
  • Gonzalez Inn Baguio, sniper (guest) wrote 26 days ago:
    a nice and affordable place to stay
  • Laperal White House, sniper (guest) wrote 26 days ago:
    this is now converted into a bamboo museum
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