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Baguio City


The City of Baguio ; Filipino: Lungsod ng Baguio) is a highly urbanized city in northern Luzon in the Philippines. Baguio City was established by Americans in 1900 at the site of an Ibaloi village known as Kafagway. Baguio City was designated by the Philippine Commission as the Summer Capital of the Philippines on June 1, 1903 and incorporated as a city by the Philippine Assembly on September 1, 1909. Baguio is the seat of government of the Cordillera Administrative Region. The name of the city is derived from the word bagiw in Ibaloi, the indigenous language of the Benguet Region, meaning 'moss'. The city is at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters (5100 ft) in the Luzon tropical pine forests ecoregion conducive to the growth of mossy plants and orchids. Baguio City has become the center of business and commerce as well as the center of education in the entire Northern Luzon.

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  • SLU Cardijn & Mt. Mary Halls, Cava (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    I was a resident at Cardijn Hall way back! Those were fun times! Aside from being accessible to almost anything you needed, it was just a stone away from the university! I missed those days. I remember we were allowed to attend a party outside of the dorm. Of course, we had to clock in at the exact time we were supposed to be inside the dorm. I was in my first year of college, and of course we were followers. Whatever the senior girls did, we sort of did it, too. Nothing bad, mind you. To make the story short, we got to the dorm late that night! Boy, I was so nervous. Not so much so with the punishment we were about to receive, but it was more unnerving for me thinking about what my aunt would do if she found out. See, my aunt who was a professor at the university was a good friend of another professor who runs the dorm. The thing is, she knew who I was. Well, I did not hear anything from my aunt, so I assumed she was not told of our escapades! Lesson learned! Anyway, it was a relaxed atmosphere when I was living there. At least that's how I felt! All in all, it was a great experience!
  • Diplomat Hotel, guest (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    i already did hihihi
  • Baguio Patriotic High School, Michael Tieng wrote 1 month ago:
    Hello. anyone out there that graduated on 1969 or boarding at baguio chinese patriotic school dorm? Please msg me on FB.
  • Remedios Apartment, asdfghjkl (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    fuck this apt
  • Baguio City, josh (nhie) (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    im so love this place .. i want to visit this place someday with my girlfriend <3
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